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Long term hire

Hire includes plants, pots, and mulch.  It also includes delivery, setup, and maintenance. 

We are experts on indoor plants and sell, and maintain indoor plants around Melbourne.

Plantera has been providing indoor office plants and maintenance in Melbourne for more than ten years.  We are one of the city's most recognised indoor plant maintenance companies due to our professionalism, service, flexibility to requirements, outstandingly beautiful plants, and competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on providing the very best level of customer service at all times, which is reflected in our loyal consumers.


Service and customer satisfaction


It’s easy; we provide a maintenance service. All services can be adapted to fit your specific requirements with the benefit of our experts maintaining and caring for your plant displays. The rental has the bonus of a free replacement service whenever a display falls below standard. 

We will visit the plants on-site and water, prune, feed, and check the soil to ensure you don’t have to lift a finger! We will ensure your office plants are looked after with the utmost care. 


We are fully trained staff, who have all the knowledge and skill you could ever need to keep your plants beautiful. The team will discreetly visit your premises as you and the plants demand! 

Our plants are sourced directly from the growers along Australia's east coast, meaning our products are always of high quality possible.  Our main range of planter pots is made in Australia. We also showcase the latest styles and quality pots from around the world. Your indoor or office space will stand out and be livened up with our wide range of plants, planters, and flowers available. 


Best Office Plants

Office Plants



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