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The Melbourne Experts in Office Plants


Your staff's well-being, your facility’s beauty, and aesthetic appeal, as well as your company’s green print, depends on finding the right plant supplier.

Advocates for a sustainable, green working environment, Plantera can help you stay on top of indoor trends and show you how you can use plants to make your workplace happier, healthier and more efficient. We’ll help you stand out and differentiate your company.

Plantera is the number one office plants service in Melbourne and has a wide range of high-quality products for you to choose from. Our service is second to none as we sell, hire, maintain, deliver and install indoor office plants, planters, and flowers around the city.

Indoor design trends around the globe are rapidly evolving, and at Plantera we have our finger on the pulse of new indoor plant scaping trends and styles. At Plantera you will be in good hands as we are capable of professionally servicing all your office plants and fulfilling any delivery needs. We also provide a maintenance service to ensure your plants are kept healthy and looking great.

Our philosophy


We strive to develop long-term relationships with our customers, by caring and listening to their needs. We constantly aim to deliver the best service we possibly can and are efficient with our office plants hire and maintenance.

We are ethical in all our dealings with our customers, staff, suppliers and the community.

Our staff


We all share our love for plants and the environment.

We have the horticultural knowledge and experience to care for your plants, to make them thrive in your interior.

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