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Planters and pots

A variety of colours, materials, sizes and shapes.


Plantera is the leader in indoor office plant pots in greater Melbourne. Whether you are looking for plants for an office, home or other indoor space, our pot plants range will enhance any living environment. Stylish in design and varied in shape and size, we can tailor options to suit you and your needs. Most of our plant containers can also be painted to your specifications, so we ensure our products fit within the style and décor of your space. Our wide range ensures you have a variety of choices.

The Urban Warehouse


A little more funky and eye catching, our contemporary containers are also great indoor plant pot options. From the pebble container to the eye-catching glow containers that can act as a statement piece to light up a corner of a room, these containers are creative in design.

Square Top

Our larger wedge containers provide a statement piece to a corner or side area of a room. Multiple wedge square containers can also be used to partition off an area of a room or space. These designer containers, sleek and glossy in design, will upgrade any indoor space to having a contemporary feel.

Round Top

The range of round top containers come in a variety of sizes; from the classic charcoal design, which can hold larger floor plants, to the Rondo design, which can hold smaller flowers and plants. These rounded designs can suit any office plants or indoor area.


The range of multiplanters are perfect to fill a larger space with multiple plants in the one planter. These are perfect to place against a wall to liven up a space. Alternatively, our cabinet trough may be placed atop a bench space area to add some colour and brightness.

Green Walls

Our green wall structures will liven up any blank wall space you may have within your office or business environment.  Creating a fresh modern look, these structures are eye-catching and will make your office space stand out from the rest.  Vertical gardens consist of either individual columns, which provide easy set-up and mobility or fixed structures.  ​


Desktop Planters


Our desktop containers are perfect for any desktop space with a flat surface. We have a wide selection of wall pots, table wedge styles, desktop cones, as well as traditional styles such as fiberglass bowls. These desktop containers can brighten up any space and bring life to an office desk or bench space.



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